How to choose your perfect windows

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It’s no secret that window technology has improved considerably within the past decades, and the concept of purchasing a brand new set of windows could not only make your family home look much more appealing but also significantly more energy efficient.

There is no denying that windows take a lot of stress and must be capable of withstanding heavy rains, strong winds, and let’s not forget freezing snow and ice. Over the years, the English weather will soon begin to take its toll on your home’s windows. But just a simple draft here and there should not necessarily mean you need to replace an entire window, but simple improvements to the seal around your window could make a significant difference in your property’s energy loss.

If your property’s windows have seen better days, the thought of replacing them with high-quality and energy efficient, double glazed windows can significantly reduce your monthly heating bill while also adding value and enhancing the overall visual appeal of your home.

Nevertheless, choosing the perfect windows for your home can often be an overwhelming task, especially if you take into the considering all the features, materials and styles that are readily available to choose from. What’s more, since changing your home’s windows can be a major investment and brand new windows are expected to last typically up to 20 years, which is why doing some research before you make an investment decision on your home’s new windows can save on headaches later down the road. In this article, we will be taking a look at the key styles, features, materials and everything else in between when it comes to shopping for new windows.

Replacement or New Windows?

The first decision you will encounter as a homeowner is making the choice between replacement and new windows, but what is the difference?

  • New Windowsillustration of 4 stages of new window installation

    New windows are typically installed when you (the homeowner) are looking to change the shape or size of your current window opening and placing in a completely brand new window in its place. This process generally requires the professional skills and work of a contractor in order to complete the installation and also the surrounding carpentry. While new windows typically do not cost any more than replacement windows, the additional labour (such as carpentry) will add to the total bill. One of the biggest advantages with purchasing new windows is that you have the flexibility and option to completely change the overall feel and appearance of your home, inside and out.

  • Replacement Windows

    Installing replacement windows is a simple process that involves removing your old windows without removing or altering the surrounding frame or trim. It also involves replacing your old windows with new sash or windows that have been specifically designed to fit correctly into your existing window opening. Replacement windows typically cost the same as new windows. However, there is less labour involved when it comes to the installation process, which means replacement windows are a little cheaper. Replacement windows are a perfect choice when your existing window frame is still in good condition or if the trim is visually appealing and fits the décor and style of your property. Depending on the type of manufacturer that you choose, replacement windows can come in a stock size or they can be custom ordered in order to fit any sized opening.

Choose The Right Materials for Your Windows

New windows can be made available in uPVC, aluminium, and wood. Wood frames are one of the most popular choices for remodels and can be purchased to match your property’s existing windows if you are not planning on replacing all of the windows. Window sashes that are made from wood can be easily replaced in order to mend a draughty window, but they will often require a bit more maintenance.

triple glazed uPVC window profileChoose The Right Glass for Your Windows

There are so many types of window glass options for you to choose from, but your specific location can often help to make your selection much easier.

The single-glazed glass is incredibly outdated and is only really suitable for very mild climates or in outbuildings. Double-glazed windows feature a sealed air space between the two layers of glass which helps to reduce heat loss. Double-glazed windows are available in many variations, some of which include improved insulating ability.

Double and triple-glazed windows are great for providing an outstanding level of sound insulation and are highly recommended in urban areas or homes that face busy streets. Windows that are better insulated are also far less likely to have issues with condensation as the interior window glass is much closer to room temperature, thus avoiding foggy windows which often occurs when warm air touches a cold window surface.

The Importance of Window Quality

When choosing the perfect windows for your property, one tried and true rule you should always try and follow is that you get exactly what you pay for. While your budget and the price of windows is no doubt incredibly important to you, it’s even more important that you select a high-quality product which is produced by a well-known company. By choosing the perfect windows that are made from a reputable manufacturer, you can guarantee to be provided with low maintenance, ease of use and energy savings over time.

The Importance of Window Warranties

When purchasing windows for your property, it’s important that you carefully examine any warranties that are offered, especially any warranties concerning the glass itself, this is because fogging between the panes can be an incredibly common complaint on insulated glass windows. Companies and manufacturers who have been around for a while and have a high-level of experience are more likely to also be around in the future, in the event that you may encounter a problem or issue with your windows or perhaps need a replacement. 

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Choosing a Window Contractor

There are several different ways in order to find a reputable window installation contractor, but it’s highly recommended to first select the type of window you want before searching for a contractor who is trained by the manufacturer of the particular window that you want. 

If you have any questions regarding selecting windows or doors for your home, contact our team or leave your comments below.


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