Frameless Roof Lantern from PCW

Introducing Ultra-Modern Frameless Roof Pyramids and Lanterns

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Frameless Roof PyramidA new range of products have been introduced to our glazed roof solutions. Frameless Roof Pyramids and Lanterns.

You can now order a roof lantern that lets more light into the house. Elegant, slim profiles, thanks to their frameless construction, are not only aesthetically pleasing but deliver on energy efficiency too.

Frameless Roof LanternWhere bulky frames used to hold the glazing together, now they’ve been replaced with a glass to glass joins with thermal foam barrier. This solution scores an impressive 1.0 U-value - making it extremely energy efficient.

The other added benefit of our Frameless Roof Systems is solar reflective self cleaning glass - keeping the sun’s UV rays down to a minimum.

The Frameless Roof Lanterns and Pyramids are now available to order.

Find out more on a dedicated product page or visit our Park Royal Showroom, as it will soon join over 30 other products on display, available to view, touch and test.