With impressive looks inside and out, our P and T shaped conservatories are the ideal way to create large, multi-functional extensions to your home.

     A P-shape combines a Lean-to with a Victorian, thereby creating a versatile style that can be used as two different living areas. Because of the proportions needed to achieve the P-shape, this style is better suited to larger properties, where it creates a truly stunning result. It is commonly referred to as a P-Shape due to its layout when viewed from above, by adding another lean to on the other side it then becomes what is often referred to as a T-Shape.

     By adding the Georgian and Gable designs we can achieve an endless number of options, allowing for an unlimited number of sizes and configurations.

     The T-shape style is also better suited to larger properties, on account of the proportions it requires. A T-shape offers a large and versatile floor space. It is a combined style distinguished by central properties, which can be in a Victorian, Gable or Georgian style.

  • Choice of material: uPVC, aluminium or timber
  • Variety of roof finishes including glass and polycarbonate
  • Wood grain and RAL colour options
  • Fully glazed designs with glass from floor to roofline or combinations with various dwarf wall heights
  • Decorative glass options to fanlights or sides
  • Broad range of hardware