The Confort 160 (C160) is a high performance, thermally insulated sliding door system with a user friendly slide action.

     This system, with an attractive aesthetic line, is durable, stable and remarkably energy efficient. With a maximum vent weight of up to 400kg, large glazed areas are easily achievable.

     The C160 was designed to offer high end sliding doors with large glass surfaces and heavy glass loads with minimal sightlines. C160 profiles are coupled with 40mm omega shaped, glass fibre reinforced polyamidestrips, which reduce thermal conduction. It is also possible in this system to gradually enhance thermal values with application of thermal inserts.

     Overall, the C160 achieves a high thermal performance level and improved total insulation over other sliding systems, leading to lower total energy consumption - a positive benefit to the environment, and your fuel bills. 

     Technical Information: 
  • Perfect water evacuation is ensured via drainage holes and integrated sealings
  • Separated drainage: two levels of drainage over range
  • Q-Lon seals provide perfect weather resistance in the sliding version, EDPM gaskets for the lift-slide version
  • Combined gasket and brush sealings in central joint of sashes ensure a draught free door
  • Weather resistance:
    Sliding Version - 4 (EN 12207); 8A (EN 12208); C3 (EN 12210)
    Lift and slide Version - 4 (EN 12207); E1200 (EN 12208); C3 (EN 12210
  • Resistance Class ENV 1627 - 1630 WK2


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  • Four different insulation levels possible - due to the application of thermal inserts
  • Q-Lon seals ensure perfect weather resistance for the sliding version, EPDM gaskets for the lift-slide version
  • Perfect water evacuation is ensured via drain holes and integrated seals
  • Combined gasket and Q-Lon seals in central joint of sashes ensure a draught free and water tight door
  • The combination of multipoint locking, safety glass and special hardware ensures a high resistance against forced entry
  • Internal tubular glazing beads prevent unclipping of the glazing beads from the outside
  • The lock of the Confort 160 can include a night vent position, which assures a healthy ventilation of the building
  • Security pieces on top of the vent prevent lifting
  • The robust central interlock detail enhances burglary resistance
  • The vent profiles with a building depth of 70 mm accommodate glazing up to 55 mm
  • Triple glazing and specialist laminated glasses available
  • All screws are hidden
  • Standard ventilation systems can easily be integrated
  • A comprehensive range of supplementary profiles