As soon as you open a Schueco sliding door – whether it’s a straight slide or a tilt-and-slide system – you know you’re dealing with quality. The solid feel of the frame and the effortless ease with which it glides open make that instantly clear.

     The highly thermally insulated aluminium lift-and-slide system Schueco ASS 70.HI with its perfect water tightness, excellent sound reduction and burglar resistance up to RC2 (WK2) is second to none.

     The modular profile insulation allows Uf from 2.0 W/(m2K), whereby U-values of < 1.3 W/(m2K) are achieved. With large opening widths and easy operation, Schueco ASS 70. HI offers new system solutions for large projects and luxury homes.


  • Excellent drainage system with watertightness up to 1,050 Pa
  • High-quality fittings components for easy operation
  • High degree of transparency due to large vent sizes of up to 9 m2, depending on the design
  • Glass thickness up to 52 mm
  • Wide choice of colours – di_erent colours inside and outside