Aluminium Bi-folding Doors with Triangular Window for Hendon Extension

When a freshly erected extension in West London's Hendon was in need of new patio doors, we instantly knew that our slim line Sapa aluminium bi-folding doors would be the perfect fit.

A beautifully thought-out extension design coupled with the great mixture of the traditional and the modern, has completely transformed this Hendon property. This fantastic extension totally opened up the rear of the property giving a massive amount of extra living space, and a light and airy feel.


Aluminium bi-folding doors with triangular window


Aluminium was the material of choice largely due to its reliability when it comes to bi-folding doors. The material is inherently strong and can withstand larger glass panels that facilitate better outside views. Our customers had heard stories of uPVC bi-folding doors breaking down and needing constant tweaking and repair, but these sturdy Sapa bi-folding doors were up to the job.

Not only would this ensure that the Sycamore Grove homeowners could enjoy a long-lasting set of doors that operated effortlessly every time, but also enjoy the benefits of fully opening their living room into the garden in the summer time.


Anthracite grey aluminium bi-filoding doors


The gable window sits at the end of a pitched roof above the bi-folding doors.

The triangular shape of this bespoke window not only creates a stunning feature as part of this extension, but it also allows more natural light into the kitchen/living room area.

The large double glazed triangular window had been manufactured with the use of Sapa aluminium profiles  in a matching, anthracite grey powder coating to complete the striking design of this extension.


London extension with Sapa bi-folding doors and triangular window


Finalising the last details required focusing on the opening configuration of the bi-folding doors and how the dimensions of the triangular section above the bi-folding doors would work out. It was an unconventional combination, but truly acts as a great example of how flexible the PCW team is.

More importantly, the showroom visit helped decide the colour of the aluminium. A standard RAL colour finish was the preferred route for both the bi-folding doors and the triangular double glazed gable window.

The end result is truly stunning; both inside and out.


We can also deal with other window shape requirements; different from the normal square or rectangular shaped windows. If you’re designing a home and want to have less traditional glazing, please speak to us as we can help.


We only need an approximate width and height to give you a quote, so have a rough measure of your space and request a quote with your sizes.

Alternatively visit our London Showroom where you can see a wide selection of bi-folding and sliding doors, windows and roof lanterns for your home extension project.