Folding Sliding Doors 

 PCW bi-folding doors offer the perfect solution for connecting your house with the garden. Folding sliding doors open and close effortlessly, and stack unobtrusively to open an entire wall of your home.

Bespoke opening sizes, configurations and door designs allow like for like replacements and the flexibility to design doors that suit your lifestyle and meet your requirements.

Low or level threshold designs allow equal floor finish levels inside and out, whilst maintaining full weatherproofing. It makes for a safer home environment with a much lower risk of trips and falls. All of the PCW doors are fitted with the latest hardware and locking systems to give you enhanced security and peace of mind.

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Schueco Bi-folding Door Schueco Bi-folding Door


  • Excellent German quality
  • Highly thermally insulated
  • Schueco branded components 
Aluminium Bi-folding Doors Sapa Bi-folding Doors


  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Now Slimer Frames
  • Robust and Stable
PC55 Bi-Fold System PC55 Bi-Fold System


  • Great range of configurations 
  • Level threshold options
  • Up to 3.3 m high

Timber Bi-folding Door Timber Bi-folding Door


  • Traditional look
  • High performance hardwood timber
  • Over 200 RAL colours available

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