Lift and slide patio doors - make opening easier

 Aluminium lift and slide doors from PCW are the newest in patio door innovation, featuring large sliding glass panes, perfect panoramic views and smooth sliding operation for years to come.

Elegant and minimal structure makes a statement, while providing enhanced levels of comfort, thermal efficiency, weather protection and security. Our Lift and Slide Doors are designed, tested and manufactured to the highest security standards with high security multi-point locks for your peace of mind and safety.



Schueco Sliding Doors Schueco Sliding Doors


  • Highly thermally insulated
  • Excellent sound reduction and burglar resistance
  • Perfect solution for large projects
Lift and Slide Doors Sapa Lift and Slide Doors


  • Perfect for large glass surfaces and heavy glass loads
  • Attractive aesthetic line, is durable and stable
  • Four different insulation levels possible

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