Seamlessly merge inside and out with our sliding door systems

 Our sliding door range comes as a perfect alternative to French or folding doors.

PCW systems can maximise glass areas and minimise framework. All systems are precision engineered to guarantee you smooth, easy operation, weather tightness and high security as standard. The ability to specify which panels are to be fixed or moving makes it ideal as a sliding patio door. 

Check also our signature 26 Slim Sliding Door with minimal frames and maximum glass, that performs as a heavy-duty sliding door system, capable of moving large size glass panels effortlessly. With the versatility of design being endless, even with the ability even to open up corners or slide into the cavities (pockets) of the wall to open up the entire wall completely.

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 pcw sliding patio doors:

Timber Sliding Door Timber Sliding Door


  • Security, high performance and durability
  • Toughened glass as standard
  • Tailor made with many configuration options
Aluminium Sliding Door Sapa Sliding Door


  • Engineered for strength, stability and aesthetics
  • Strong, slim frame design
  • Available in dual colour options
uPVC Sliding Doors uPVC Sliding Doors


  • Value option
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide range of colours, foils & dual colour

PC 20 Slim Sliding Doors PC 20 Slim Sliding Doors
  • Slim (20 mm) interlocking frames 
  • Modern aesthetics, ease of operation
  • Up to 4m high
PC47 Sliding Doors PC47 Sliding Doors
  • Up to 6 sashes
  • Glandage opening options
  • Contemporary design
26 Slim Sliding Doors 26 Slim Sliding Doors

Our signature 26 Slim Sliding Doors offer an unobstructed panoramic view and the perfect way to merge your house with a garden, getting the most out of British sunlight. 

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