Benefits of timber windows

Timber Casement Windows

Whether you’re renovating your home, in the process of a self-build or just looking to the future, you want to source the very best – not least when it comes to products that will help protect your home from the elements.

At Perfect Crystal Windows we’re working with one of nature’s most amazing products, a product that can outlive uPVC by almost double, a product that not only looks beautiful but performs to a standard that far exceeds British building standards. Timber.

So why should you choose timber windows?



Our wooden windows and frames are constructed from engineered timber. This innovative product retains the true beauty of real wood but with the benefits of rigidity and moisture combating properties. Multiple layers are laminated to form a real wood product that is stronger solitary wood sections.The layers are arranged specifically with the grain opposing that of it’s neighbour. If any moisture gets into the wood, movement occurs along the grain. With the neighbouring layer resisting movement in that direction the result is a timber that will not warp or twist, perfect for windows and doors battling against the elements.

Multi-layered timber is produced by joining wood sections together to create one piece of timber which is strong and very durable. This use of wood sections means that just the knots can be cut out whilst the remainder of the wood is used. The knot free multi-layered timber that is left is a fantastically strong material, more of the wood is used and waste is reduced even further.



We apply a water-based microporous paint or wood stain that creates an impervious barrier against any moisture gaining access to the wood. Such a thorough protective layer is  applied that only a clean is required before a single coat of paint is required to renew the protection, and this only needs to be done after 8 years, as as long as minimal maintenance is performed every once in a while to ensure the paintwork has not been compromised.

We build our windows to ensure that any weak points such as joins between the glass and the frames are fully protected with modern materials and clever manufacture techniques. Available in a wide variety of colours to create a classic look or one that is unique – our standard colour palette reflects the shades chosen by our customers, with different shades on the interior and exterior for a personal touch.




Timber is a natural insulator. On top of that we achieve a high performing double glazing rating with the use of top glass products and warm spacer bars to keep the insulation levels high and costly heating inside during the cold months. Draughts are eliminated and heating bills are drastically reduced.

Long, long time ago wooden sash windows were notorious for rattling and being draughty as well as for being a weak point in a home’s security. Modern sash windows, on the other hand, offer the original charm and beauty of timber sashes with all the beautiful modern advances in windows design and performance. No rattles, no draughts, exceptionally secure and yet graceful and hard wearing – our timber sash windows really offer the best of both worlds with no compromise.



Timber is one of nature’s masterpieces. Strong, renewable and a natural insulator, timber offers superb performance and comfort for you and your home.

Designed to meet the demands of 21st century living and manufactured from the highest quality hardwood, our energy efficient windows and eco-friendly timber doors are easy to maintain and offer the highest levels of security and performance.

Perfect Crystal Windows products will:

☞ enhance the appearance of your property

☞ reduce your energy costs

☞ add value to your home for years to come

Of course the glazing solution also plays a major role in the efficiency of your windows and glazed doors – which is why we offer a range of options to suit your requirements. All of our solutions surpass current UK Building Regulations and have U-values (a measurement of heat loss) well in excess of present requirements.

As well as our standard energy efficient window units we can provide triple-glazed and argon filled units to fit a more demanding environmental criteria.



Many homeowners are facing this decision when looking to update their home or start a self-build project. Weighing up the pros and cons is not always easy, though recent studies proved that timber window products manufactured to Wood Window Alliance (WWA) standards against uPVC windows in mild, moderate and severe conditions.

There are obviously multiple clear environmental benefit of choosing timber windows, but choosing timber over uPVC comes also with the financial benefit:

☞ All timber-based window frames are more environmentally-friendly than uPVC

☞ Timber window products actually have a negative global warming potential (GWP) meaning that over their 60+ year service life they actually reduce the amount of C02e in the atmosphere

☞ In all tests timber windows had a service life of at least twice that of uPVC windows

☞ All timber window frames offer better long-term value than uPVC The full report can be downloaded from the Wood Window Alliance website.


At PCW we have been manufacturing and supplying high-performance timber windows and doors for many years. Our high quality timber range includes, traditional sash windows on weights, flush casement windows, practical timber tilt and turn windows, Bi-folding doors in timber and French and Entrance door – all manufactured in our Park Royal factory in West London, factory that is linked with our showroom.

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