West London couple builds a garden room featuring our Slim Sliding Doors

Popularity of garden rooms in London had been on the rise for some time now.

Terraced houses in the borough typically come with back yards, presenting an opportunity for homeowners to add value and square footage to their properties.

You can choose to extend the back of your property or, like our West London couple, build a free-standing room in your garden. A place you can chill out and relax, or maybe work from home.

Having an additional room separated from a main household, doesn’t only add value to the property, but most importantly enhances the quality of living.

Our home improvement couple did exactly that when deciding to design and build their own tranquil oasis.

Setting their minds on building their own, they didn’t waste time and started designing their own garden / cinema room & sauna.

When it came to choosing bespoke glazing for their project they have contacted Perfect Crystal Windows. But it wasn’t the first time we had the pleasure of working together.

5-6 years ago Perfect Crystal Windows participated in renovation of the main building.


Timber french doors and timber casement windows in walnut finish


During that process all the windows were replaced with energy efficient and high-performance double glazed timber casement windows. Also a patio area was fitted with timber french doors in matching finish. All manufactured in our London factory to the client’s specification and required finish, which in this case was walnut.

But it wasn’t only windows and doors fitted back then.

PCW had also manufactured and installed bespoke balustrades. Internal glass balustrades were manufactured from toughened glass with polished edges and side-fixed to the staircase. Stainless steel handrails were fixed to the walls, so the glass balustrades maintained its minimalistic look.

A large glass pane of the balustrade had been cut in a way that follows the stairs - creating the visual effect of the curved glass.

Then, a couple of years later, Perfect Crystal Windows fitted additional windows for the newly converted loft. 


Bespoke toughened glass balustrade

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Last year our clients returned again to order a feature door and additional glazing for their garden room.

"We worked with Perfect Crystal Windows during the house renovation", says Andrew, "so we knew they can deliver our designs - on time and to our specs." 

For this bespoke garden room PCW manufactured and installed a skylight, large aluminium tilt and turn window and the main feature of this development - our best selling 26 slim sliding doors. "The couple contacted us during the design stage", says Damian from PCW, "and together with our team we advised them on implementing a few practical solutions that would enhance the overall design and deliver that minimalistic finish!"


Garden/cinema room in West London with 26 slim sliding doors  

It was very important to make sure that the building site was accordingly prepared. We put a lot of emphasis during the planning stage on agreeing the finished floor levels. That way we can ensure, that the sliding doors are installed with a seamless threshold and the efficiently working drainage system. Once we agreed all the fine details, specifications and the building works required to prepare the site for this custom installation, the final drawings were signed-off, and we could proceed with the manufacturing process. 

Initially, the couple wanted to go with the standard anthracite grey profile of the aluminium doors. But one look at the design from our experienced team and we were able to change their minds offering the custom grey-bronze profiles.

They seemed to be less invasive and better suited - considering the exposed brick exterior of the garden room. Despite the fact that the only visible part is a 26 mm slim interlock they seem to blend perfectly with the overall design and offer minimal visible sightlines.

Here we also advised on implementing a custom solution and concealing the frames from both the outside and inside.

Looking from the outside you see the large glazed surface with slim interlock surrounded by bricks. Zinc cladding hides the top frames, whilst the bottom tracks were sunk into the floor to achieve a flush threshold.

The same solution for concealed frames was applied to a large aluminium tilt and turn window.  

26 slim sliding doors with concealed frames



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