This site situated within the Highbury New Park conservation area in the London borough of Islington received a contemporary makeover with the use of PCW’s aluminium SAPA range.

Set amongst Victorian terraced houses to the right and modern apartment blocks to the left, the development proudly stands out amongst the neighbourhood. This replacement 4 storey dwelling has 3 receptions, 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with a full subterranean basement and landscaping. And plenty of natural light.

Architects, EMGa, were able to design a structure that enhanced existing local period frontage, and the whole finished scheme added to the architectural language of the conservation area.

All glazing had been manufactured in-house to the architect’s specs and designs – even to the exact colour required. 

Front elevation of the house in Highbury with aluminium glazing and curtain walling

Aluminium Sapa range is extremely versatile and energy efficient with it’s thermally broken profiles. It covers an entire spectrum of products, windows, doors and curtain walling, required to successfully complete this complex project. 

What’s really unique about the project is the curtain wall element with the “louvre-shadow effect”. It is unique and bespoke as curtain walling had long been reserved for commercial buildings, and here we had a contemporary residential dwelling.

To maintain the contemporary look of the front elevation we also installed modern aluminium entrance doors.

Bedroom with bespoke glazing

One of the first challenges we encountered was delivering all the glazing in the right shade of bronze – to our client’s requirements. Having all windows, doors and curtain wall manufactured from one range only, helped in achieving this final clean, consistent and minimalist look.

When it came to installing windows for this project we had to deal with two aspects – install recessed windows and adjust the apertures to maximum window sizes by installing transoms, as their openings exceeded the maximum height allowed for aluminium casement windows.

Kitchen with sliding and french doors

The back of the property is very interesting as, apart from modern aluminium casement windows, the basement level has 2 sets of sliding doors with minimal aluminium interlock and aluminium french doors that neatly project into the large fixed window over the ground floor. On top of that ground floor patio area merges with the living room thanks to the set of four leaf aluminium bi-folding doors. All those custom solutions ensured that plenty of natural light illuminates the space.

Our client wanted to let as much natural light as possible into the basement flat and required the sliding doors with really slim frames in order to achieve that. Our 26 Slim Sliding Doors fitted the bill perfectly and delivered on the minimum frame – maximum glass effect, ensuring that the basement kitchen makes the most of daylight! 

Rear elevation with bespoke aluminium glazing

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