Bespoke glazing solutions for bespoke developers' and luxury apartments in Southgate

The award winning developer, Yogo Group, have been designing, building and renovating some of the most glamorous and individual homes in London for the last 15 years. With a reputation for bespoke detail, outstanding quality and designer living, what else could be expected from their new offices?

Situated only a short stroll away from Southgate Underground Station, Newby House contains 17 two-bedroom apartments, each with a style described as "a twist between modern and New York loft style living". The entire top floor though is a new home to Yogo Group. With a carefully and work-friendly designed space, the place lives up to Yogo Group’s impeccable design standards described with the tag line "Bespoke developers of luxury living".



To deliver on the bespoke design vision for the building - the owner, George, met with the Perfect Crystal Windows team. Together they collaborated on the best ways for custom glazed solutions that will deliver the “wow” factor. “Over the years we have developed great working relationship”, says George. “I know that they can deliver and if anything goes not according to plan they will get it back on track straight away.”

And so it began!   

“We let them (PCW) advise us on certain aspects of the project, but because we’re the designer studio, we had to have a certain amount of input ourselves. We sat down and we went through our design together. They gave the options advising on avoiding certain solutions and proposing alternatives, like avoiding the curved glass and we went for straight instead, that looks like curve!”



Some of the most impressive elements of bespoke design are situated on the top floor, where the Yogo Group offices are located.

The office space is filled up with plenty of natural light. Internal walls had been replaced with glass partitions adding to the sense of space. Floor-to-ceiling custom shaped aluminium windows and a french door not only add a luxurious touch to the office design, but are also a perfect example of  sustainable building design. And let’s not forget about the designer touches - like impressive mirror ceiling in the main office!

Custom shaped slim aluminium frames of casement windows and french doors, helped in creating that outstanding "curvature effect" of the building without the need of using curved glass. The top of the building also features a long glazed terrace, allowing employees to pop outside and enjoy the view, but most importantly - the french windows to be fully opened allowing natural air circulation in the building.  

All that natural light had been enhanced by additional touches with custom manufactured mirrors, like for example - intricately arranged in a custom design in one of the offices, or filling up an entire wall right by the main entrance doors. Custom aged mirrors had also been used throughout the 17 apartments - for custom kitchen splashbacks and interior decoration touches.


4 floors of luxury apartments had been fitted with floor-to-ceiling aluminium casement windows. Slim frames combined with tinted glass offered a perfect solution for new residents - maximum natural light with maximum privacy. PCW also manufactured interior design elements for the apartments - custom antique mirrored kitchen splashbacks and wall features with mirrors and shower screens for the bathrooms.

Each of the apartment block floors incorporates three unique designs, differing from two en-suites in one apartment, to having large floor to ceiling windows in others. This gives the new residents a choice to which is more suitable for their lifestyle.


The last but not least of the elements of this building is the curtain walling and glazing for the internal staircase and external balustrades. Towering over the entire five floors with custom glass balustrades - this not only adds a modern touch to this stunning building but also fills the space with natural light. 



Find out more about the project directly on the Yogo Group website.

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