We are proud to be a part of an amazing event.

The biggest charity fundraising in Poland, known as The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GDCC or WOŚP) which takes place every January, spreads its power of love even in UK.

Concerts, auctions and donations are taking place to raise as much money as possible.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity supports public healthcare in Poland by purchasing state-of-the-art equipment for Polish hospitals and clinics. The work is focused on supporting children’s medicine and improving the level of care offered to senior patients in geriatric and long-term care units.

This year all profit will go for the treatments of newborns.


Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in London


The GOCC volunteers are fundraising everywhere, where there is an active Polish community – from the USA to Japan!

This years fundraiser, known as The Grand Finale, will be held on Sunday, 14th January and PCW is proud to be mentioned among the main sponsors of the event.

Find out more about this amazing charity, the work they do, this year’s events and how to join and support in London and whenever you are.

We all know that every penny counts!

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